New Release and Returning Seasonal on Saturday, September 23


La Quatrième Ville

Our fall and winter seasonal scent makes its long-awaited return this Saturday. This is a smoky vetiver scent with notes that make it reminiscent of the 1904 World's Fair when Saint Louis was known as The Fourth City. The smell of La Quatrième Ville seeks to recapture that time of refined character and ambitiousness. A refined, masculine smell brings back the bustle of Forest Park during the World's Fair: the woods, attractions and waterfronts are reflected in the vetiver, cypress, incense, nagarmotha, violet leaf, benzoin, and cardamom. It will be available until 9

Omnostre Eau de Toilette

Also inspired by the 1904 World's Fair, this scent takes elements from La Quatrième Ville, but draws its inspiration more from the melange of cultures all brought into one place in a time when people were unfamiliar with the world outside of their own confines. Imagine the mystery and wonder that filled spectators as they experience sights, sounds and scents that went beyond anything they had ever imagined. 

Visitors from the Eastern Hemisphere and Carribean Islands exposed many Westerners to their culture for the first time, not only their customs and clothing, but also their exotic and alluringly mysterious fragrances. Omnostre is the scent inspired by the unification of these scents in a scent that is dry and woody with rich and sensual undertones.

Haitian vetiver and cardamom intertwine to draw you in, while myrrh, orris, pink pepper, musk and a hint of mandarin petitgrain hypnotize the senses into a blissful trance. The resulting state of mind is called Omnostre.

Fragrance Pricing Update

Lastly, we have mentioned it before, but on September 23, we will be raising our prices for our cologne line. In the low introductory pricing that we featured in order to generate interest in the line, we did not account for the substantial amount of money invested in R&D, equipment, and high-end fragrance components needed for the line. 

The new pricing will be $40 for Bon Vivant and Gratiot League Square and $60 for the premium fragrances that have proprietary accords that have been developed in-house as well as more expensive scent components. Additionally, we will soon be releasing 5mL travel-sized versions of all our EdT scents. 

Thank you for understanding and for helping us find ways to sustain our business and find ways to continue to expand and improve. 

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