Chatillon Lux's Second Anniversary Celebration: Hosted by L&L Grooming

This June 15, Chatillon Lux is turning two. To kick off the terrible twos, we're having a party hosted by L&L Grooming and you're invited for three weeks of limited edition landslide.

June 15: This is the day we opened our doors. And to kick off the party, the traveling bartender, the Professor Jerry Thomas, is heading down to Georgia. L&L Grooming will be putting out a limited edition run of Bon Vivant shaving soap. Simultaneously, I will be throwing a free shipping sale from June 15-June 18.

June 22 Next up, we will both be putting out something interesting: Catalan's Prairie. This scent, named after one of the early nicknames of South Saint Louis, contains notes of violet, freesia, lavender, jasmine, labdanum and sandalwood. Soap at, aftershave/toner/salve at

June 29 Lastly, we will be putting out something new: Rose Santal. This scent will feature a rose accord that I've made that was meant to smell rich yet sharp, and will be complemented by a slightly modified Santal Auster sandalwood accord, along with some other spicy notes that I'm not announcing yet...because I'm still tinkering with them. Soap at, aftershave/toner/salve at

All of these are limited edition and will be sold first come, first serve on those dates. Times TBA.

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