Rose Santal Eau de Toilette
Chatillon Lux

Rose Santal Eau de Toilette

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A fragrance for men and women

Rose Santal is a dusty, sultry rose and sandalwood scent with spicy and subtly sparkling sweet undertones. It was built of the Santal Auster sandalwood accord, a creamy, rich sandalwood built from scratch using the highest quality raw perfumery materials. On top of that is Rose Verte accord, which is a dusty rose smell with a sparkling undertone, designed to complement Santal Auster as a hybrid rose accord. It is rounded it out with a subtle spice from cardamom essential oil and Indian black pepper essential oil, all supported by the rich, animalic undertones of labdanum absolute. 

Mood: Used for seduction or just getting noticed for your timeless style

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