Our Parfums line will be the arena for really exploring the reaches of our creativity with higher concentrations, daring compositions, less regard for budgetary restraints and improved packaging. 

Upcoming Releases

Lamplight Penance
October 13

This scent is a snapshot of Henri Chatillon's later years. As he retired to his mansion with his new bride, Odile Delor Lux, he kept a portrait of his dearly departed first wife, daughter of an Oglala Lakota chief, hidden under the floorboards in the attic. This is the scent of a midnight rendezvous with forlorn nostalgia by the light of an oil-burning lamp, with the scent of berries and daffodils from the garden below wafting through the window.

Scent notes:

  • Berries, peaches, daffodils, orange blossoms
  • Lamp oil, burning wick, bourbon, red cedar
  • Mahogany, leather, musk

Date TBD

Inspired by the perfume favored by Queen Nefertiti, as well as the post-bop landmark created by St. Louis' Miles Davis. 

Scent notes: Honey, orchid leaf, orange blossom, jasmine, rose, immortelle, kyphi incense, jazz cigarettes, oud, ambergris and musk

Ingredients: Denatured alcohol, fragrance, water
Note: It is illegal to ship alcohol-based products internationally


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