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Scent Notes: Introducing the Side Project Series

Over the past few months, a conundrum that I’ve been thinking about is what to do with ideas that do not really fit in with the Chatillon Lux line. Whether it’s due to the story behind them, the cost of the materials making them prohibitively expensive, or just compositions that would only appeal to a very narrow section of people, some ideas have been left to fester in the back of my mind.

So I had an idea the other that: the Side Project Series. This series will be for fragrances that I want to play with and put out there, but ones that do not fit into either the Parfums or the Provisions line. In order to keep the line fun and low-maintenance (and keep the costs as low as possible), they will have minimal packaging or design and be released in small-batch, limited editions. They will most likely all be in Eau de Parfum strength, as well. 

While many of these compositions will be very serious in nature, some new compositions, some honoring the history of perfumery, and some reflecting moments in my life that have provided a great deal of inspiration, the first release will be one with a sense of humor.

The initial release, available on Friday, December 14 at 11 am Central, is called 3SHEETS. It is a fun concept: a night of debauchery. Perhaps the perfect gift for the lush in your life this holiday season. The idea is to replicate the aftermath of a night out and getting, you guessed it, three sheets to the wind.

One of the predominant notes of the fragrance is of rum and coke, the precursor to questionable decisions made in the moment. Additionally, you will smell the smell of fingers that have smoked it down to the very end, leaving that unique combination of resin and stale smoke on the fingers. Finally, the staple of any successful night of carousing, a fast food burrito finishes everything off.

In reality, the scent is weird, for sure, but more wearable than you might imagine. Opening up, you get the fizzy carbonation of cola and pungent rum combined with pine and citrus terpenes with an undertone of cumin. It dries down into a combination of cade, patchouli, leathery musk, cumin, vanilla and high fructose corn syrup. It’s surprisingly classic, melding the Roaring 20s with the almost-2020s. It may not be appropriate for every office, but you won’t be necessarily getting a breathalyzer if you get pulled over for rolling a stop sign. 

In the future, look forward to an exploration of the finest perfumery ingredients, classical accords and sketches of the daydreams of everyday life, but for now enjoy 3SHEETS. It will be $25 for a 50 mL bottle and once it is gone, it's gone. 

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